These have been reproduced with kind permission of the patients.

Note: Due to new Advertising Codes issued by the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) and enforced (from 1st March 2011) by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), Acupuncturists are no longer able to state on leaflets or websites conditions that they have worked with or the range of conditions acupuncture may be able to work with. This includes those stated in patient testimonials. However, we are able to speak freely on the telephone, so please call with any questions or queries or to discuss your needs further.

"I came to see Emma after struggling with panic attacks. The acupuncture delivered in these sessions has help with this mental health issue greatly while also reducing anxiety more generally. I now feel much better equipped at managing these issues going forward. Thank you!"
Mr. J.B.

"After my first treatment the pain in my knee was reduced by 50% and I had my first good sleep in a month. Further treatments reduced the pain and after about six weeks all symptoms seem to have gone. Emma was caring, professional and understanding. I would recommend her to you."
Mr S.H.

"I came to see Emma after struggling with a health condition for 3 years. Western medicines were often ineffective or led to side effects that were unacceptable to me. Throughout the initial consultation and treatments everything was explained to me and Emma gave me a choice on certain treatments when appropriate. Emma is a very competent practitioner and I find the treatments to be very powerful. The condition I suffer may be a lifelong one, but the acupuncture has strengthened me, reduced my symptoms and fatigue levels and given me a different understanding of my body. I have now found a happy medium between East and western approaches to my condition. I have total faith in Emma and acupuncture and look forward to every treatment."
Ms E.F.

"After suffering with [condition] for many years I have finally found the help and relief that I have been looking for. After only a couple of sessions I started to feel the benefit from the treatment. My [condition] is now significantly less and my energy levels have greatly improved. I no longer struggle with the everyday things and feel as though I’ve been given my life back. Thank you."
Mrs S.R.

"Thank you for being my 'Acupuncturist', 'councellor' and 'friend'!"
Mrs J.E.

"I have suffered from [condition] in my fingers for over 20 years. The damp, cold weather of the past few weeks had made them extremely painful, still and, on some days, hot and swollen, making writing and picking up small objects very difficult. My husband has been urging me to try Acupuncture for years, but I was not really convinced it would work. However, after 2 sessions of Acupuncture...my hands were much more flexible, the swelling and heat in my joints had gone and, whilst not all the pain had disappeared, it was reduced to a mere ache. The dramatic improvement has continued all week and...I can hold a pen properly too! I am now a believer and would certainly recommend your treatments. Thank you...for all your hard work."
Mrs L.L.

"I have attended acupuncture sessions for about seven months after I became ill having had my first [condition]. Initially the sessions were weekly, then fortnightly and now every four weeks as my health has gradually improved. I fully recommend that acupuncture sessions are a very good and effective way for recovering from a very serious illness."
Mr R.B.

"I think that after the acupuncture I became more focused, better able to concentrate and read and I also seemed to get more things done and be more organised. I know that immediately after the acupuncture and for some days after I looked like I had been working out at the gym with good skin colour and shiny eyes. I think that it also probably helped reduce the [condition] that I was feeling because despite having tests for cancer and the fact that I was coming up to the grievance hearing at work, I didn't feel too [condition]. I also think that despite my musculoskeletal problems, that after the acupuncture I began to walk faster. I can also remember an incident of someone else's road rage which I recounted during in acupuncture session, as it happened on the way to the session and at the time I was saying how I felt like just crashing into the other car out of sheer vindictiveness. I've really noticed that my reactions are a lot calmer on the road and elsewhere now. I actually think that out of all the effects of the acupuncture, to me, the most effective has been the effect which I believe it has had on my anger. I feel like I have changed totally, that I am more on top of things and in control and more able to move on from things and people."
Ms K.M.
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